Introducing Everpix Free & Explore

We started Everpix nearly two years ago with the goal of building a smarter photo platform. Since then, we’ve worked diligently to lay down the foundation—optimizing a quick syncing pipeline, designing a great user experience, scaling our infrastructure, and most importantly, developing the science. Now’s the time to bring Everpix to more folks.


We are super excited to announce Everpix Free, a limited version of Everpix you can use for free for as long as you wish. Everpix Free syncs all your photos in full-resolution to our cloud, but only the photos from the past 12 months get processed by our cutting-edge Image Analysis and appear in Everpix views. This means ALL the photos you took within the last year are always accessible on Everpix Free, not just the last 1,000 shots or a couple gigabytes. Those memories are with you, anytime, anywhere.

If you think Everpix is the best thing since sliced bread, you can subscribe to have all your photos processed and displayed in Everpix views for just $49 a year or $4.99 a month. Learn more about the differences between Everpix Free and Everpix subscriptions here.

The good news keeps on coming… Read on to meet a new feature.

Explore: Browse Your Photos by Content


Photos are about memories, and understanding photos is key to exploration beyond standards like timestamps and GPS. Using semantic data gathered via Everpix image analysis, you can now explore your collection by content—think food, people, cities, nature, and, obviously, animals! As we roll this system out, we’ll continue to incorporate additional concepts (e.g. babies? flowers?). Stay tuned on that front.

Explore is still in its infancy so please help make Everpix smarter by giving us feedback on photos that aren’t quite accurate in our analysis (feedback on iOS for now, coming very soon to web)—we’ll use the data to refine our algorithm.

Go exploring today on or our updated iOS 1.5 app.

If you are an existing subscriber, we love you, you will be grandpa’d in with your current subscription price when you renew.

Important note for Everpix users who were on the former Everpix 30 day Trial Plan:

  • You account has been converted to a Free Plan as of today (March 5th).
  • All photos you have already synced to Everpix, even if older than 12 months ago, are still in Everpix. However, because you are now on a Free Plan they will not be visible in Everpix views. If you purchase a subscription to Everpix all your photos will show up again in Everpix views.
  • Because you’ve signed up to try Everpix when the yearly subscription was $40, instead of the current $49, we are happy to offer you the old price for a limited time. Check your email for a coupon code you can use in the next few days to get your first year subscription at the reduced price.